Monday, August 25, 2014

We're Famous!

Okay fam here is the deal. I am pretty sure I tell you ever email how we are going to be famous someday. I mean we are in the heart of Hollywood! Of course we are going to be famous! Well here is the deal. We did it. We are FAMOUS! Just maybe a little different than you might think. We are totally superstars with all little children, homeless people, and all of the drunk guys here.

First I will start with the kids. Okay stop I just love all the crazy little kids here. They are so much fun. This week we went into this apartment complex and met a bunch of kids jump roping. So then obviously we challenged them to a jumprope contest. They were actually way good. Jumproping in a skirt... a lot harder than you would think. But it was so fun! as we were jumproping with this little group of girls all the neighborhood kids just started coming out of the woodwork! "Hey are you the church people??" "I wanna jumprope with the church people!!" haha they are my new favorite! you see our genius plan is to win the kids hearts, and then the parents will listen to us!

Okay well then that exact same night we go to a different apartment complex, and run right smack into a squirrel funeral. I kid you not there is a group of like 15 kids trying to dig a hole in the ground to bury their pet squirrel that fell out of the tree!!! hahaha they were the funniest! Okay so the squirrel wasn't exactly dead yet... just dying. So being the missionaries we are we gathered all children and we prayed for their little baby squirrels. I just love kids. They make my life so happy.

The last group of kids is this cute little family we are teaching. The familia Castillo. Stop I love them so much! so the mom Brenda is a menos active and The two little girls Linda and Kimberly are going to get baptized soon. Everytime we go we teach them a new primary song, and they just love us and make us feel so famous!

alright enough with the children. now onto the homeless people stories! mom you will probably die reading this part! haha! so we were walking down the street this week, and we met our friend Preacher (preacher is a homeless man in his like 20's and he's hilarious) well we say hi to him and he holds out his hand full of tacos and says I want you to have one of my tacos! and obviously we say no because it's not kind to take tacos from homeless people. But he says no I want you to take them. God blessed me with all this extra food and these tacos, and I want to bless your day. So we ate tacos with our homeless friend preacher! (don't worry mom they were from the taco truck, so they were very edible and not sketchy at all:) ) and then after we ate this poor homeless mans tacos, he insisted we take his burrito as well! What the heck preacher! so just like the other week when we walked around with stolen beer, this week we walked around with a burrito in hna Jensen's backpack! haha I love this area.

Oh man I just can't tell you how much I love being a missionary! it is an adventure every day. Aside from all the crazy things we did this week, I assure you we did spiritual things as well. We talked to everyone about jesus and how much he loves them:) I just love this work oh so very much. Sorry family but I am never coming home!!!! haha just kiddin love you! have an awesome week!

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