Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Okay momma, this email is just for you! So remember how we got given the task of getting rid of lice in our recent converts hair?? Well yikes. It is the biggest nightmare that has ever existed.

Mom. It is the worst case of lice I have EVER seen. We were there for 2 and a half hours and didn't even make a dent!!! the mom has it, the three kids have it, the mean awful older brother has it, even the BABY has it!!! oh man. We washed the hair mom for like ever, and then we tried to comb out the nits... oh man. Yeah we didn't get like any of it out. We had to wash out the comb like every two seconds because there is just way too much lice. I would almost say there is more like than there is hair!

But enough complaining. I am going to go straight to heaven for getting lice in the service of others right? This is me and barnsey washing out OUR hair with lice shampoo...

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