Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Favorite People

Dear Family,

HEYYY!!! okay well I don't really know what to write about this week. So I will write you about the people here!

First person, my new compie. She is Hermana Jensen. From Kaysville Utah. she is tall blonde and beautiful and so I never stand next to her! haha just kiddin. umm yeah she is probably the cutest lil thing ever and just so excited about missionary work. I forgot how much fun it is to have a brand new missionary! They are just so darn excited and ready to work! But I keep forgetting she doesn't know Spanish, or doesn't know how to ride a bike in a skirt, or how to weekly plan or all these things. It's fun to be a new missionary again!

Second person of the week: our super star PEDRO!!! I love him so much! Pedro Flores-- newest member of the church of jesus Christ of latter-day saints! he was confirmed yesterday!! I am so proud of him! but the funnest thing ever, is even before he was a member we used him in missionary work! This week after one of our lessons in the park with him he was walking with us to our next appointment. Of course we had to stop to talk to everyone on the way and mid contact we would turn to pedro and say "this is our friend Pedro, he was actually just baptized last week. Pedro how has the church changed your life??"  then Pedro would just jump right into bearing his testimony "I know joseph smith was a prophet and that the book of Mormon is the word of God and Joseph smith translated it by the power of the priesthood!!" ................. thank you pedro.. we actually hadn't mentioned joseph smith yet but hey your testimony is way solid!

we are also working with another super star her name is Stephanie. Oh poor Stephanie. She is having a hard time with some pretty big commandments... not anything little like tithing or reading the scriptures everyday. Well. we had to move her baptismal date. But the saddest part is the reason she does what she does is because her family just doesn't love her! She just wants her mom to be happy and proud of her, but she doesn't get that love from her momma so that's why she does bad stuff. But she came to church yesterday, and LOVED IT! she is so cute. Then that afternoon she also went to a meeting for seminary. Yep she is going to take seminary. Are you kidding me! what kind of 17 year old who is not a member and who's parents don't push them out of bed at 5:30 to get to 6:00 seminary would wake up that early? only super star stephanie!!

We are also teaching this way sweet part member family the Castillo family. Yeah the two daughters are going to get baptized.... if they will ever come to church! dangit. But they love learning the book of Mormon stories song! we sing it every time with them. I love visiting them.

hmm lets see what else was fun? oh man there is this one sister here from China (not Spanish speaking. She is learning English) and she is SOOO funny! haha we had dinner with an English family, and these English sisters (and when I say English sisters I mean this Chinese sister and her English companion. And she was the funniest little thing to walk this planet! I want her in my pocket! She was going on and on about the food and how it's okay to eat lots and then at the end of the meal she starts cleaning the table, "this is how we do in China!" haha sister Xu.(pronounced shoo) My favorite missionary evah!!!

and the last cool thing we did is while contacting one night we met this drunk guy, and told him that Christ can help him change his life, and then I asked him if he would trade me his beer for a picture of Christ and he said yes! so then we finished our night contacting with a huge bottle of beer in Hermana Jensen's backpack. haha it was fun! Don't worry mom. We are still being safe :)

yeah that was our week. It was just way fun. Lots of adventures learning how to ride a bike, and how to be a missionary. But I just love having a new missionary! I especially love it because it makes me realize oh man! look how much I have grown! I used to not know any Spanish or not know how to talk to people! I am so grateful for the mission, and how it has changed me. I love you so much famiky thanks for your love and support!

All my love,

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