Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy two months!

Hey Family! happy two month anniversary! Surprise I have only been a missionary for two months.... just kidding. I wish that was real life. No today is Hermana Jensen's two month anniversary in the mission! But i decided i am switching places with her and I will stay here forever!!! Because it's just too much fun! here are the fun things we did this week.

So we are famous with all the kids right? well okay not even joking we are now teaching a small army of little ninos. okay well only like ten. We go over to teach the part member family, and all the lil ninos start running out of their houses "are you gonna teach us about God?" "I wanna sing the song about sunbeams!" so yeah we have a little gospel study outside on the steps and teach all the crazy dirty little neighborhood children about how jesus loves them.

Oh i just love those little ninos. the two girls Linda and Kimberly are progressing really well toward baptism. We took them on a field trip this week to see a baptism! (and by took them on a field trip I mean we had their mom drive us all cause we are on bike...) haha it was so fun. They loved it! they can't wait for their baptism!.. except then the next day they didn't come to church >:( so hopefully they will make their baptismal date. But anyways, they are the little joy to my soul for the time. I love teaching kids!

On the other hand, we also spent a lot of time this week with OLD PEOPLE!!! haha So we have started volunteering at a senior center and it could be the funnest thing ever! On Wednesdays they have a live band (like fancy old band with trumpets and stuff) and all the old people get up to dance! they kept trying to dance with us! and this one little latina lady is super hilarious and everytime we passed her she would start singing a song to us. Oh man. Old people are a hoot. I can't wait to be one!

well I just can't remember what else happened this week. OH. We had interviews with President Hall. He is just so perfect and always helps me with my life struggles. Newest life struggle: I just want to end my mission working so so hard, going 200mph and living every minute. But my compie can't go that hard. In fact, she might die at the pace we are going. President's advice Hermana Watts, the Lord knew you would be training. He knew who your companion would be. Take these next few months and make sure she has the best beginning to her mission. Be the companion she needs. The best companion ever! So... I get to learn patience and lots of love. But it's going to be the best two months ever!

Well fam, sorry this email is so lame and short and I have no pictures! AH! I promise I will be better! this week is going to be awesome and we will do crazy things. But I love you all so much!


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