Sunday, August 3, 2014

dreams do come true!!! AGAIN!!!

Hey family! What's good? so here is the deal. About 5 months ago I had a way stellar email about how all my dreams were coming true and I got to be with my dream companion. Well awesome news the dream team is REUNITED!!!!! It is SOOO good to be back with Hermana Barnes. She is just my favorite. It's been fun to see how much we've grown, and all the new things we have learned. She is just my best friend!

here are some of the adventures we have had together:

well first we are on bike. I mean stop everything that in itself is a dream come true!!! I've wanted to be on bike my whole mission!!! It was a little rough in the beginning. especially cause I don't know anything about bikes! but it's okay, my bike (the beast) and I have settle our differences and decided to be friends. And also the guy at the bike shop is an angel and fixed my bike for free! (how was I supposed to know how to put the tire on correctly? I'm just a white girl!)

The next awesome adventure is every single day in our area! It's a missionaries dream! its super paisa (latina) and the people here are so so nice! I love Mexicans way more than white people. wait did I say that out loud? sorry America I take it back!  But for real. They are just SO nice! this one lady I just barely met invited us into her home and made us enchiladas! Almost everyone we see offers us water. And even when the people reject us I still feel way good about myself! I love it!

Another way way fun thing we did was we got to walk to church with a caravan of teenage girls! haha it was like a little parade! picture attached. the girls are all way awesome. they are the only members in their families, but they still come every week without fail!

We made a drunk man cry! We have an investigator named Beto, who is a big time alcoholic. We just met him last week and we shared a scripture and he was in tears just saying "I want to change! You have to help me!! I know you two will be my angels." 

We got to do this way fun service! we were trailblazers! (that's people who make trails right?) cause that's what we did! we made trails! holy tolito it was so hot and super hard manual labor, and I was for SURE feelin It the next day. But it was so so so much fun! now I am an expert ground tiller, and I can use a mccloud like no ones business.

but out of all the fun and all the adventures, we have seen so many miracles. I am so happy to be in this area. It is so amazing the people her are just amazing. I am so excited for all the adventures we are going to have in this area, and all the lord has in store for us.

Well honey lovers, I miss you and love you! Besitos!

Love Ness

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