Thursday, February 6, 2014

rain miracles

Okay, I will just start out by sharing the miracles of this week. The rain miracle. So last week I asked you all to pray for rain, well on Sunday all of the stakes in our mission joined together in this special fast for rain. I know there is a special power in fasting, but I have never before seen it first hand, or seen the miracles right away. Well we fasted all day, and as we were contacting on the street at about 6 o clock, it started to sprinkle. Me and my companion both stopped in our tracks and said no way! THE LORD HEARD OUR PRAYERS!!! He sent us rain!! I have never seen the results of fasting so sudden and so clear. It was a miracle.
Another miracle of our fast is that Hermana Blacker and I were fasting specifically to have more love in our companionship. During personal study, I was studying scriptures and ended up in some strange book in the bible and had a "how did I even get here?" moment. But I found the exact scriptures the Lord needed me to read, to know the kind of missionary he needs me to be right now. Such a direct answer to my fast. So those were my two fasting miracles.
Another awesome miracle of the week, remember last week I told you we found a new investigator Nayda? well we went to teach her this week, and we were able to teach her 11 year old daughter as well, Leslie. We asked Leslie to be baptized at the end of the lesson, and she said she has been asking her mom forever to let her be baptized. She said yes I will be baptized, and I know that the message you just shared is from God, I don't need to pray about it, because I already know it's true! So I will keep you updated on her progress. She is awesome!
The last miracle of the week was with a  less active family. We were able to have a noche de hogar with familia floridia this week, and see that they are so ready to come back to church. There testimonies are still so strong, and I know that the lord has softened their hearts and prepared them to come back to church. On Sunday the whole family was there, and the Hermano bore his testimony. it was so powerful, and I know they are going to really help strengthen our little barrio here.
Also, we asked Jose pena to pray about moving his baptismal date more closer. We really want to challenge him for the 23rd of February, and we went into the lesson ready to extend that date to him, but the spirit was just saying no, don't extend that date. I know Jose Pena is going to be baptized, the only thing with him is, he needs to decide when. So hopefully we will know by this week, and hopefully it will be soon!
My sweet family, there are miracles everywhere everyday. The lord is absolutely so mindful of us. Sometimes it may not be more than a smile someone gives as they tell us they aren't interested. Sometimes it is buying the super delicious corn the little guys in carts sell to us. And other times, it is seeing a single mother working 2 jobs and raising 3 kids, but who always makes time every Saturday night to do her Noche de Hogar, even when she can barely stay awake through it. I love being able to see these little miracles. I love being able to be a part of them. I invite all of you to look for the little miracles in your week, and then tell me about them! I love you all so much! cuidense mucho!
Love Ness
picture: us marveling at the rain!

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