Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Okay, this email is going to be stellar. Just you wait! Okay so it starts with this. Hermana Blacker has been having a little bit of struggles as you may know. But we received direct orders from President Hall that we are not allowed to take naps during the day! Like mom always says "you can sleep when you dead!" but for real. Aint nobody got time to sleep their days away. Well Hermana Blacker is awesome, and an exactly obedient missionary, so she said, "Hermana, I don't know how I am going to survive, but I am not going to nap this week!" so want to know what we did instead? We talked to everyone!
In our mission right now there is a huge focus on talking to everyone! Elder Ballard counseled us to strive to talk to at least 20 people per day, or 140 people a week. Well this week our goal was 200 people. But do you want to know how many people we talked to??? 244!!!! and not only did we smash our goal, but we talked to the most people in the whole mission! President hall had a conference call with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders talking about how our mission is doing with their 140 conversations, and he told them that we are the leading companionship!!! WHAT!! WE ARE LEGENDS!!! I don't even know how it happened. Yes I do, we are kind of crazy. We talk to EVERYONE! we talk to people on the street, we talk to people in their houses, people in the store, people in their cars, sometimes people on the phone, I've had conversations with people in the BATHROOM! (not while they are going... yikes...) sometimes we even run when people are not looking so we can talk to more people. The Lord is really truly blessing us in this work as we are trying our hardest to talk to so many people. It's incredible.
Another awesome experience of the week is that I got to go on exchanges with Hermana Barnes. Oh my goodness she is awesome. She is a contacting Beast!! When I was with her, we talked to 50 people in one day!! it was incredible! also, we found 4 new investigators. We started our day by contacting, and then we went to a cita we were supposed to have, but we couldn't find the house, so we wandered around other houses and found an awesome girl names alondra and taught her. then we received a referral from the elders of this really awesome guy named Martin, and we ended up teaching him in Carl's Junior! haha it was a different experience, but he is super awesome! He is so hungry for the truth. We taught a less active Hermana Cabrera diner which was awesome because we had more time to contact! and the last part of the night we were contacting around our house. It was about 8:30 and we had only talked to 42 people, so we couldn't go home until we reached our 50 people of the day! So we were running from house to house knocking doors talking to people. Well I got the impression to cross the street. So we crossed the street, it's 8:55, and we knocked one last door. this woman opened, let us in, and we were able to teach her and her daughter about the restoration. Luz and Jasmine. we found 4 people that day! It was amazing. Hermana Barnes is amazing. I learned so much from her she is the most amazing worker I have ever seen.
In other news, Jose Pena is doing amazing. Perfectly ready for his baptism march 2nd. I just hope I don't get transferred so I can see it! also, Hermana blacker is doing SO much better. She isn't stressed anymore, and she is so confident! I am so proud of her and how much she has grown. I know that the counsel of the profetas and president are true. That the best cure for worry is work. And I love being Diligent, because The lord has so many blessings he is just waiting to pour out!
So this weeks invitation: be diligent in whatever you do!
Love you all so much! Miss you, and pray for you everyday!
Love Ness
Pics: familia pena! Happy valentines day!!
Hermana Barnes will even contact fake turtles! bahaha

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