Friday, December 27, 2013


to my dearest family.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! oh my goodness I just love you all so very much! I can't wait to talk to you this Christmas! it's going to be awesome! also, so I am sending home your Christmas package, and you are going to love it! I hope... it took me forever to put together. So sorry you are getting it late. But you will live... okay, now let me just tell you a bit about our week.
oh man I cannot even write to you all the great things that happened. So let's begin on Tuesday. We got to go to the temple with our whole mission. Oh my goodness It was the happiest thing ever! It was incredible to see all of the Spanish speaking missionaries there in the temple. over 100 of us. The spirit felt there was so strong, and it was a wonderful day. Well after the temple we weren't feeling to hot, so we spent a little bit of time in the house, so it was about 7:30, and we needed to go out and do some missionary work, and I just had this feeling we needed to visit this woman, so we finally just went out and visited her. Well she was home and she invited us in and we taught her the restoration and she really liked it and now she is a new investigator!! WOW!
Well Wednesday we got to visit with our investigators. And they are all doing pretty great. This one family we are teaching, the Acevez family is awesome. Okay well the kids are awesome. And I love them! The parents are definitely progressing slower... dangit. Oh we have the sweetest family in our ward, Familia Grande. She made us papusas for dinner and then gave us 2 referrals! She is super awesome! (don't worry, I learned how to make papusas! Pictures to come!)
Thursday we had exchanges. Oh my goodness. This exchange was just the most hilarious thing of my life. It just seemed like one thing after another kept happening. It all started that the hermanas got lost on their way to our apartment, so they were like an hour late. We started at 3. I went to Hermana Barnes Area. Well in her area we decided to be Bike hermanas for a day. WELL, that was super fun and all, but we only made it about 3 blocks before we had a flat tire. so we decided to go back, ate an early dinner, and then went out again. We contacted a lot of people, and then went and taught an investigator on his porch, and the last thing of the night, we had an hour left to contact, and Hermana barnes said "we are not going home until we have found a new investigator!" Well, that's exactly what we did! we found an old woman who let us come in and teach her. She was such a sweetheart. Well. anyways, our exchanges were awesome. Super funny. Hermana Barnes is hilarious! I love her tons!
Okay so one thing I learned on this exchange is how to love to contact. So the next two days we spent basically straight contacting. We knocked tons of doors and we found 5 new investigators in 2 days! I just have to share two more miracles with you. So on Saturday I was reading in old teaching records, and I found the name of this man the elders used to teach about 2 years ago. I felt really strongly that we needed to go by him. So we planned to go see a potential. Well he wasn't home, so after knocking all the neighbors doors with no success, I said to Hermana, "hey that old investigator lives like two streets over lets go visit him." So we go to find him. On our way there we find a man and start talking to him and ask him his name. He said "Soy Gonzalo." Perfect! he was the guy we were looking for! So we taught him right there, and he promised us he would pray and read and come to church! HOW AWESOME!!
The last miracle we saw was on Sunday, also knocking doors. We met a man named David from Argentina. He said he is very catholic, but we asked if we could share our message and he said yes. We taught him and his mother. They are the most courteous people I have ever met in my life! We finished sharing about the restoration, and invited them to read the book of Mormon. That is when they told us they already had 3 copies of the book of Mormon, and they have met with missionaries before, and have read the book of Mormon before, and once again told us they were catholic. Well cute Hermana Blacker than says, "have you prayed about the book of Mormon, to know it's true?" and David said "well no.. I guess that is something I am going to have to do." We testified to them about the truthfulness of our message, and I just hope and pray they will be able to receive a witness for themselves that it is true.
Well the lord loves us a lot! We found so many new people to teach, and I am so excited about that! We are working hard out here, and seeing tons of miracles! Thank you so much for all your love and prayers! I can't wait to talk to you all so very soon! Have the happiest Christmas. I am so excited to be a representative of Christ this Christmas, and to share this glad message with the world. That our Savior lives! And he loves us, and we can all be redeemed through him. I love you so much family! Merry Christmas!
Love Ness

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