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Jan. 13, 2014

  pics: flour fight
cute little lilian :(

Hey there cute family! how are you doin?? Everything is pretty good here in Burbank. Sorry this letter might be kind of lame and a little bit short, but we didn't have a super eventful week.
To sum it up, I will call it a week of heartbreak. okay no not really just a few heartbreaks. One of them was that Lilian, one of our investigators, is moving in with her son. And her son won't allow her to meet with missionaries. She is super sad about it, because she loved learning, and she was so excited to come to church, in the closing prayer before we left her home she said, dear lord, I really wanted to be baptized this year. Please help me fulfill my goal somehow. Oh my goodness break my heart EVERYDAY! I was the saddest ever to leave her :( But maybe one day.
Another saddest heartbreak, one of our menos activos, Hermana torres, her husband died of cancer on Friday. That was a really hard thing. We might have to sing at his funeral..
Hermana Pilad from the Dominican republic left. :( :( :( super sad about that. Now I am never going to be in a movie with her famous son Valentino! Danit!
lots of the super cool investigators we found last week became uncool, and started avoiding us. Well boo they are the worst. but it's fine. Because We have awesome investigators who are awesome. Jose Pena had an awesome lesson this week. He for sure is going to be baptized. He says it will probably be really soon. Alex, this investigator we picked up last week came to church!!! he liked it a lot, and then invited us to lunch after (but we didn't go... also, I hope he is not in love with us. He is like 24 so gotta be careful on this one..) anyways, some other small little miracles:
The familia Grande they gave us nail polish! haha they know we are high maintenance missionaries:)
One of our menos active familias came to church!! yay!
I caught a lizard and named him kurby.
Hna blacker makes me laugh all the days, and she peed her pants twice in one day!
OH! I almost forgot about this one! We met these way awesome white people, who let us in and we talked for an hour. They were super old, but the man Howard does a radio show. He said Hey I wanna put these nice girls on the radio! Look out California I'm coming to the radio!! haha
We had a Flour fight with the zone, and that was super fun.
I went to the ER this morning, and found out I DONT have appendicitis! So that's nice!
And last, My cute family sent me a letter. That's always a highlight to my week.
Well, now that I read this email I realize it is not very awesome at all! okay I will share my last and happiest spiritual experience to make this letter better. We stopped by a less actives house the other night, and it was a miracle she was home. We got to know her and talked to her for a bit, and found out why she doesn't come to church. She had a lot of doubts and started to bash on the church and how everyone in it is so judgmental, and she went on and on for about an hour. One thing that I really loved though, was to realize how much being a missionary has changed me. It is so hard to get investigators to actually come to church, I don't care what they show up in, as long as they come. It doesn't matter to me if there are only 50 active members in our ward, or if the ward pianist can't play the piano very well, or if the teacher didn't prepare her lesson very well. I go to church to renew my covenants I made with god, and I go for me. And even though its heartbreakingly true that there is tons of judgment that goes on in the church, the one thing I do know is that no matter how imperfect the people may be, the doctrine of the church is true. This is the church of Jesus Christ. And That is something I know to be true.
Well family, I hope you have an excellent week. Mom and dad have the funnest time in the Virgin Islands. Luckiest! I Love you all and miss you tons! besito!

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