Monday, February 24, 2014

Bye Burbank!

okay the deal is, saddest days of my life I am getting transferred! My little baby Is staying here and I am going to a new place! I am a little sad because we are just starting to see the fruits from all of our labors. Jose Pena is going to be baptized on sunday, and we have another baptism in March. We are finding awesome people to teach, and we are really on track to baptize monthly. We have worked so hard in this area, and it is amazing to now be able to see it growing and blossoming.
The news of the week is.... we did it! We talked to our 250 people. It's the most people we have EVER talked to, and it was super hard. But we did it! Okay so here was the promise of Elder Ballard: "You full time missionaries, if you want to teach more, you must talk to more people everyday." Oh man we are talking to more people everyday. And I tell you what, we are teaching like crazy! We are able to find more interested people, and our investigators are actually progressing!
 Now I will just share a few miracles with you:
Martin, the man we taught last week in Carl's Junior remember him? Well he is going to be baptized on March 23rd. He came to church on Sunday, and he loved it. He soaks up everything we teach him like a sponge! he is so amazing! He is the only one in his family that is interested, he has six kids and his wife that want nothing to do with it, but he says no I have found what I have been looking for, so I am going to be baptized! HE IS AMAZING!
Another amazing tender mercy of the week we went by to visit this guy we met on the street, but it turns out he gave us a junk address. Dangit. so as we were leaving the apartment complex a white guy came in. We asked him if anyone around there spoke Spanish, and he referred us to one door. So we knocked the door, and a woman answered. At first she said oh Mormons I am not interested I met with Mormons before. Well, we testified to her, gave her a card, and then told her that we were actually neighbors and if she needed anything to just call us. After we told her that her whole countenance changed. She invited us in, told us she was really lonely and had just moved from new York and didn't know a lot of people. We were able to teach her and now she is our new investigator! It was just a sweet tender mercy to see someones countenance change as they realized we really truly did care about them.
Oh here is a funny story. There is this Hermana in our ward who is a hoot. Like she is crazy. Well on Wednesday night she called us, and said Hermanas! I don't have to work tomorrow I will come to visits with you! and we said eh okay! but we don't have any visits... she said no that's okay, we can knock doors, or talk to people in the street!! What the?! no members want to do that! there are missionaries who don't even want to do that! So we were like heck yeah this woman is awesome! well we took her out on Thursday, like all day. and then we ended up taking her out on Friday as well. She is kind of crazy let me tell you! On the street she grabbed a woman by the hand, and said we are hear to tell you about the church of Jesus Christ and baptize you just like Christ! You HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT THIS! the woman got this look of terror in her eyes so we had to do some damage control. Oh my sweet Hermana Angelica. She has great heart... we will just need to train her a little bit. She is fun though.
Well the last little bit of news is that on Saturday night we got a call from President Hall, and he called me to be a sister training leader. So now I get to go help all the other Hermanas be the best missionaries they can be! I am not exactly sure how I am going to do that, but I know the Lord is on my side, and he will help me lots. I am going to miss this ward a ton, and this area. This area is doing amazing right now. We are on track to baptize monthly! We have worked so hard. I am so grateful for the chance I got to train Hermana Blacker, and help her become the wonderful missionary she is now. She is going to do amazing things!
Well that email was super long! But I just want yall to know I love you lots! I will have lots of awesome news for you next week about new areas and companions! and hopefully pictures of Jose Penas baptism! But Just know that I love you lots! and Weekly challenge:
Whatever challenge the Lord gives you, give it all your heart!
Fam. Pena
noches de hogar with my favorite family fam Ramirez!

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