Tuesday, February 18, 2014

9 months? no...

Hey Honey Lovers! Okay. get ready for the coolest email ever! This week was super awesome!!! Kind of like a roller coaster! (speaking of those I think the analogy of a roller coaster is terribly flawed, because roller coasters are fun all the time, so therefore, life should be super fun all the time no?) Anyways, this week was awesome. Let me tell you about a couple things that happened!
Remember Jose Pena? of course. He is just our shining star. Well last week we invited him to reset his date for a closer date. I don't know why but we just keep feeling like he is going to be baptized in February. Well in our cita this week we asked him if he has been thinking more about it. He said Hermanas, I am ready to be baptized. I want to be baptized as soon as I can. I am going to be baptized February 28th!!! he is getting baptized this month!! What! I am so excited for him. He is doing so great. Reading the book of Mormon everyday with his wife, and he loves church and all the classes. Last week he even paid his tithing!! How awesome is he! just a little shining star!
Okay, now get ready for this. One of the coolest miracles I have ever seen. its kind of long, so go pop the popcorn! okay so Sunday, we had the amazing miracle of having on of our less actives come back to church! Hna torres, whose husband died a few weeks ago finally came back after months, or maybe even years of inactivity. Well remember that detail. it's important.
So there was a baptism yesterday in a different ward, and we wanted our investigator Alex to come. So we invited him, and he never showed up... lame. So we left the baptism to go out contacting. We called this one potential we have to try and set up a cita with him. His name is Jesus. Well he was like yeah I don't have work can we have our cita at 7?? at the chapel?? Cita's at the chapel=super awesome! So we were like yeah of course!! Well in order to have this cita we needed 3 things. A woman to come with us, the elders to open the chapel for us, and a priesthood holder with us. So we spent the next 45 minutes on the phone, calling every active member of the ward. No one was available. I just wanted to give up and say lets just rearrange the appointment. But we didn't cast out our little seed of faith. We kept calling people. Finally we decided to call our Less active Hna Torres. She must have heard the desperation in our voice, because even though she was super busy with tons to do, she said sure Hermanas I will come with you. This less active Hermana who hasn't been to church in MONTHS came with us to our cita. I just cannot explain to you how amazing the whole situation was. How there were so many different factors that played into this one cita, but how it all worked out. The elders opened the church, We found a woman, we had a priesthood holder there, and our investigator showed up as well!! I don't know how it all happened so perfectly, but it DID! I know that the Lord is in the details of our lives. He knows the things we need. He is eagerly awaiting to give us the answers to our prayers. All we need to do is ask.
Well the Cita was amazing. The spirit was so strong. The testimony of the members was amazing, especially from Hermana Torres. also, when the cita was over, she told us that all future citas with Jesus we could have in her house! Future member presents forever!! How awesome! I am just so grateful that I was able to witness all the little tiny miracles that played part in our great new miracle of our new investigator Jesus.
A few other things that happened this week: we found a magical little bridge! that was fun! (pictures attached)
I hit nine months in the mission! eww I am so old now!
Members fight over whose house we go to for dinner! cute them they just all love us!
It rained again on Thursday! keep praying for rain!
Well family I love you so very much! keep seeing those small miracles every week!
Love Ness

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