Monday, March 24, 2014


Dearest familia of mine,
This week has been awesome. Just stellar I tell you. We got to go on two exchanges this week, and both of them were really amazing. I went with Hermana Cable for my very first exchange ever! (well as a sister training leader) and we learned a lot together. We were able to contact like a million people, and find all of these crazy less active people! She really helped me on my exchange to remember the Why of missionary work. Why are we even out here? Why am I even talking to this person? Why do I even want you to read in the book of Mormon? learned a lot about how these people are never going to change if they don't understand the WHY. so that was a tender mercy. It was also super fun to be back in my old area for a day. Oh man I tell you what, Burbank is where it's at. That area is stellar!
For the second exchange Hermana Rodriguez she was just having a hard time in her companionship. She is in a trio, which is rough. Trust me I know a thing or two about trio life. So I was really able to help her lead in my area. At the end of the exchange she said Hermana thank you for letting me lead. We had a lot of fun, but on that exchange we saw this amazing miracle. Carlos. Ready for his story?
So we had planned to visit a street called corteen. Well I don't know anyone in this area or on this street, so I look at a list of people who are potential investigators who live on corteen and I write about 5 people down. So we were having a super unsuccessful day up to this moment. So we get to Corteen and we are knocking doors, and then I see this building and I say oh we have a potential who lives here, Carlos. So we went and knocked his door, and his friend said no he's not home come back like at 6. Well we were like dang. It's only 5, what are we going to do now. So after knocking a few more doors with no luck, and having no direction whatsoever I look to Hermana Rodriguez and say "Hermana I am lost. I have no idea what to do." So we decided to pray to see what to do. After the pray I asked her if she felt prompted to go anywhere. She said "well maybe we can try that brown building. brown people live in brown buildings right?" ha okay! so we go to the brown building, look at the directory, it's totally all AMERICANS!! so dang. Well then she says "maybe the lord is leading us in the direction he wants us to go." we turn around to keep walking, and run right into a LATINO! guess who? CARLOS! so we taught him right there and then on the street, he was super awesome, and want to know the best part?? he came to church yesterday!!!!!!!! That never happens! He is so cool!
I think my favorite part of exchanges is all the little miracles we see. I know the lord is in the details of our lives, and whatever the miracles, big or small, he is mindful of us.
in other news on Monday we went to the zoo. I love the zoo!
other things, Lorenzo, from last week, he is super awesome! we took him on a church tour and he loved it! I am pretty sure he is going to be stellar. Just wait. and lastly, we are going to have interviews with president hall this week, so next weeks email is going to be exceptionally amazing.
But I love you all oh so much! you are all my inspiration. But my invite to you is when you just cant figure out what the heck to do, ask the lord. Because he will always lead us in the direction he wants us to go.
Love Ness

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