Saturday, October 4, 2014

Meet The Mormons!

So familia. Here comes the drama story of the week. Member like two weeks ago when I told you about the crazy lady that came by at 1:30 in the morning? Well. She came back!!! Yeah so Tuesday morning bright and early she comes knocking on our neighbors window being a little too loud and saying many mean things. Well she is yelling at freddy through his window and he is like go away i am sleeping, and then she was getting really angry and yelling at him about a phone charger, and all that jazz. Well then she is banging on the window so so hard that it breaks!! ah! So yeah our neighbors are causing lots of drama. And people are not happy about it. But it makes our life interesting:)

umm what else happened this week? I really have no idea! we had Hermana Jensen's six week follow up, and it was basically the worst meeting ever because all of the new missionaries are there just so excited to have finished six weeks in the field. And for most of their trainers this is our last transfer, so it's like the last six weeks! AHHH! we all got together and had a nice little meltdown due to the quickened pace of time. I can't believe how fast time is going!

Well. In other news. This week we were super lucky! and we got a sneak peak preview of the movie meet the Mormons! We had a mission wide conference and we all got to watch it together in the chapel. Missionary movie night! hooray! If you haven't heard about the movie, go visit Then watch the preview. Then you will know! Here are my thoughts on the movie:

I was just really impressed by the whole thing! it made me realize how great and worldwide the church really is.  It is not just a Utah Mormon thing. you know, typical Mormon families living in Utah with their typical lives the dad works 9-5 the wife is a stay at home mom and all that jazz. But I was super impressed with just how amazing the members of the church really are! They are so diverse. They live amazing lives. It just testified to me once again that this is not just a church. It’s the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is perfect, and good, and for everyone! And it all of God’s children deserve the opportunity to hear this glad message. It made me want to be a better missionary and to help the people understand the beauty and happiness that comes from living the gospel. I know this church is true, and I am so grateful to be a member and to experience all the blessing that come from living the restored gospel. I love being a Mormon!
Well so familia, I will leave you with two thoughts for the week. 1. Go see meet the Mormons! and 2.  Watch General conference! I am so so so excited for conference. It is such a blessing to be able to hear from prophets and apostles who receive revelation just for us!  Make sure to watch ALL the sessions! I want to hear all your thoughts and input! And that is all. Sorry the email is short. Lots to say, little time. But I love you all so much! have the best week!
Love Ness

picture: we are training the castillos to be future missionaries. Meet sister Linda y sister Kimberly:)

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