Wednesday, September 24, 2014

So many things

Well mi querida familia, I don't even know what to title this email this week, because there are just so so so many little things that happened! strange. Where to begin.

Well we will start with the ward. so we have been working really really hard with the young women lately. The girls in the Spanish branch now go to young womens with the English girls, and they aren't mixing well. They don't really like it. So they asked us to go to help them out. Well we got a big old group to go! and by big old group I mean instead of the 2 girls that usually go we had 6 youth there. It was a combined activity and I can tell why it was so intimidating. Kids are crazy! I forgot what it's like being a youth. Man. I felt awkward and out of place, and I'm a missionary. And I had a companion who is basically assigned to be my friend! But there was the cutest little investigator boy there named Antonio, who is the shyest little thing ever! he reminds me so much of Easton! so he became my new best friend of the night.

Another fun thing we did this week was we had this dinner way way far away, and we were running late after it (as usual) trying to get to English class on time. Well mid way to the church I popped my bike tire, and so I had to ride the last 2 miles on a flat bike tire. I almost crashed like 17 times, but I couldn't stop cause then we would never get going again! We arrived to English class looking like the scariest, sweatiest, ugliest sister missionaries ever... but the class went really good! Hermana Jensen taught it like a champion!

and then what else happened this week. Oh. We got the low down on how all the refugee missionaries made it out of Africa! there is an elder that was reassigned here from that mission, and we got the lowdown on the whole story. Basically the coolest ever. No time for all the details.

Oh also, we had another fun clean the river activity. Except it wasn't really a river it was a dry river bed... poor little California is just in such a bad drought situation! So we picked up lots of trash and saved the environment one fish at a time!

another silly thing that happened is we decided to do a kind deed and give all of our recycling bottles to one of our less actives. she is the cutest, and they are just so so so poor. So we took our pluthera of plastic bottles, put them in a giant box, and strapped them onto the back of Hermana Jensen's bike. Well after a solid two pedals the box tipped over and all of the bottles went spilling into the street!! ahaha! good thing we are not engineers or anything!

Well. those are all of the silly things. Now for the best part. Sunday. Oh man. Best day of the week by far! so we started by going to the familia castillos house to help them come to church. Well we get there and all of the kids are all ready looking so fly in their church clothes and they are all so excited. Well then out come the mom in her pj's and she says "I'm not going. the house is a mess, I'm too frustrated, I am not ready, the baby isn't ready, I am not going." OH NOOOO!! all this work for nothing! talk about a stress emergency! so we get on the phone trying to get the kids a ride while trying to calm down the Hermana from her fit she is throwing. We may or may not have kidnapped the two little girls to take them to church. haha just kidding we didn't. But we did find a ride for only the two girls, so we took them. Well it turned out during the second hour of church Hermana Castillo came too!!! with the other 3 kids! oh happy days it was the best thing ever! We have been working all transfer to get that family to church. think they all really liked it a lot.

another amazing thing that happened at church, our friend Ramiro came! we haven't even taught Ramiro a lesson yet, he is just way too busy all the time. But we saw him Saturday night before church, and he said yeah for sure I will come. and he did! he actually got to church before we did due to the fiasco with all the ninos. haha. good work. oh it was just amazing to see the chapel so full on sunday! there were like 70 people there. And that is quite a lot for our little rama! (branch). It has been so fun working so hard with the ward, to help people come back and to help others come for the first time. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It's where all your hard work and labors pay off. Seeing old faces in church and seeing how happy people are as they leave just makes my heart melt. I love the gospel, and the peace it brings into our lives. Especially into mine. I don't know what I would do without it. So next week at church, take a moment to stop and ponder, and appreciate the people around you and the sacrifice they are making to be there. But most importantly take the time to feel the spirit, and remember the reason we even go to church, to worship our savior jesus Christ.

I love this gospel and my savior. And I love all of you!

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