Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last week ever!

Dearest familia, this is the end. my only friend the end! haha no just kidding. Almost the end. Almost the last email I will ever write as a misionera de la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos do los ultimos dias. I don't have a lot to say, but I do have a story I want to share.

We have a wonderful man who lives in our neighborbood, his name is Eloy. He is about mid 50's or so, and loves to drink beer. But he is my best friend. We first met Eloy in the park while teaching Pedro. He was one of the very first lessons Hermana Jensen ever taught. We taught him for a little minute, but we didn't get very far cause he was too drunk to understand anything. Well Eloy has become our really good friend. We see him all over the neighborhood, sometimes drunk sometimes not. But whenever we see him he always yells to us "Mis Angeles!" he calls us his lil angels. The other day when we saw him he told us "you know angels, I hope that one day you find your prince and get married and have the happiest life cause you deserve every happiness in the world."

We always make a special note to invite eloy to church every week. He always promises that he will come, but he never does. Well the other day he was walking by and I said Eloy I want to invite you to church this sunday, it's going to be my last sunday here. He looked at me and said "my angel is leaving? NO!!!" he got so upset, he had to walk away, and he started crying!!! the next day we walked passed his house, and he was drinking with a few buddies, but he said "Mis angeles!!!" he called us over, and gave us some flowers and limes, and he talked to us for so long about how sad he is that his angels are leaving. He started crying again and he told me he would always remember me and keep me in his heart, and he wanted to give me a plant so I could always have a little piece of his spirit with me, and he was just being so sweet! Even his buddies that he was drinking with (who we didn't even know we just barely met them) they started crying too! they all kissed our hands before we left (don't think that's missionary appropriate) and as we walked away Eloy yelled I love you guys! It was a little strange, but so sweet.

It really made me stop to think about the difference I have made here. Even though we only taught eloy maybe twice, and he never came to church, he didn't get baptized or come anywhere closer  to his heavenly father, We made a difference in his life. We made a lasting impression that he will never forget. We touched his life for good. I don't think I have ever truly realized what an impact being a missionary makes on others lives. We truly are angels in others lives. Sometimes I feel like a normal person, just walking around the streets saying hi to people, and sometimes I get discouraged and feel like I haven't made a difference. But Eloy really taught me that my service here hasn't gone unnoticed. People know who we are, and know what we have to share. People can see the difference in our eyes and our smiles. They know we have something different. When we have charity for others, that is what changes their lives. Sometimes, that's all they really need, just love. that's all Eloy needed, just to feel God's love.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I have come to know. They all have taught me so much. I am going to miss them all with all my heart. you know what grandpa watts always used to say "you've got a friend in California, a friend who misses you."


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