Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Castillos :)

Hey! my familia! okay well here is the dealio.... SOOOO much has happened the last week and a half I don't even know what to tell you! But I guess I will just tell you a great story.

la familia Castillo, remember? the one we have been working with FOREVER!!! Well. they did it. They made it to their baptism. Oh my you have no idea how hard we have been working with them. It has been so hard, but so amazing. So so so amazing. We visit them every day, the house has been more calm, the kids are more well behaved, the Hermana has been more patient. it is just so unreal to see all the changes in that home.

So their baptism was planned for the 19th right? I think satan was working really really hard to make this baptism not happen. It was not good. the first trial was that my companion got the flu. she was out for two days, but we had to see them every day or they wouldn't make it to their baptism!!! so you know what we did? yep we took bed-ridden sicky pants Hermana Jensen to the castillos. I am actually pretty impressed with her, she made it pretty far before she turned to me and said I think I need to vomit now. So after she puked in Hermana Valenzuelas bushes I took her straight back home and to bed, called up the sister training leaders and said QUICK! we need an emergency exchange! Hermana Francis and Buxton quickly came to the rescue, and we left Hermana Jensen and Buxton home while Hermana Francis and I ran to the Castillos. We did a mock interview, which is basically we just told them all the answers to the questions they would ask in their real interview. And they were Perfect!

The day of the interview was equally crazy. It was a struggle getting them to the church, but we got them there! They were both so cute. They each have little side bags like sister missionaries, and cute little Linda took out her book of Mormon in the interview and was so excited. They said she did so good and it was one of the most amazing interviews. She is the sweetest.

Well we kept visiting them everyday, and on Friday night we were all ready. The girls were so excited, and to make the event even more special for the Hermana, we gave her skirts! some old skirts we had that we weren't using. She looked so good and so modest in them:) it was so sweet to see her face light up with our little act of kindness, and before we left we taught the girls the rainbow baptism song, because they wanted to sing their own baptism song.

Well then comes sunday. oh sunday. the big day. We show up to the Castillo's at 11:30 to help them get to church. The girls are all ready, they are just waiting, and the Hermana is getting out of the shower. Well then she comes out and says is the diaper bag ready? do the kids have their shoes on? that's it we're not going! I don't want to go, you're not getting baptized, forget it.
OOOOOHHH NOOO!!! stress emergency! we had to talk to her in a very soothing voice and it took a decent amount of shoe searching and diaper bag prepping, but we did it! We got them to church! (good thing too cause if they didn't go to church they couldn't get baptized!) they got to church, and it was all amazing. So so good. sheesh. Sundays are the most stressful days of missionary work I tell you what.

Well after church came the time. The baptism. oh man. Like I said it was a miracle the whole thing actually came together. We had a lot of help from all sides, and especially from padre celestial. But it came through! Probably not one of the most reverent baptisms I have ever been to, but I would say one of my favorites. The girls put on their white jumpers, and decided they looked like karate suits so they started doing karate. The little five year old kept wanting to swim in the font. Everyone got their late. The girls couldn't decide who they wanted to go first, they were standing outside the font saying no you go first, no you! haha. Then they all the sudden realized they needed to go potty. oh gee just everything was nuts. But the highlight of the whole thing: All the primary kids went up and sang the rainbow song. The two shining stars stood in the middle and sang with all their heart. It reminded me a lot of my baptism, and it was so special.

I love the castillos so much, and am so grateful for the chance I have had to work with them. Even though it was a lot of pain and heartache and work, it was so sweet in the end.

Well family, that is all I have this week. I love you so much!

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