Sunday, November 9, 2014


My dear friends and family, the day has come. I can't believe it's already been 18 months. has it really? well. I guess my time has come. You all already know that I am heartbroken to leave my people.
These are my brothers and sisters. These are God's children. And Heavenly father has sent me to help them come home. There comes a special love for people when your main desire is their salvation. When you see these people as God see's them, you can't help but feel his love for them. I have come to love them more than i would have ever imagined possible. 

I have come to love the gospel. I love studying it. I love teaching it. I have felt the spirit testify to me time and time again the message of the restoration. Each time i say the words... "i saw a pillar of light, exactly over my head...." the spirit bares witness to my heart of the truthfullness of this gospel. I know the gospel was restored through the prophet Joseph smith. I know that this is christs church, and he guides it today through his living prophet. I know the priesthood has been restored, and it is the power of God given to man to bring to pass our salvation. I have seen the preisthood work miracles. I have felt its power countless times.

I have come to love the book of mormon. I know that it is true. It is a pure vessel of the spirit, and has taught me more truths than any other book. It is the tool of the restoration. Everything is dependant upon that book. If you do not have a testimony of the book of mormon i invite you to pray and gain one. I know without a doubt that the book of mormon is true. 

I know that God knows me, and loves me. I have come to know my heavenly father through prayer. I know he loves each of us. I know he hears and answers prayers. I know he has a plan for us. I know he wants all of us to live with him someday. 

It has been a long hard journey, but I wouldn't change a thing. You know what they say "life is a roller coaster, but if it wasn't it wouldn't be worth the ride." I would not change a moment of my mission. I have enjoyed the ups, the successes. the baptisms, the happinesses, and the miracles. But i am also grateful for the sorrows, for the pain and hardships that i have come to know.

President Hall once said, "there comes a great strength in passing through trials." I have faced mountains on my mission. I have been brought to my knees time and time again, asking myself, what am i even doing here? What more can i do for my vineyard? and those are the special moments where I have come to know my savior. I know that my savior knows me, and knows everything I have passed through. He is my personal savior. He has strengthened me more than I ever thought possible. I know that he has walked with me. He makes up for all i cannot do. He atoned for my sins, and he atoned for my shortcomings. And even when i don't feel good enough, and i feel i don't deserve it, he is always there. 

The miracle of a mission is that it changes lives. even if i spent all my days as a missionary, and had no success, didn't change anyone's life, i know that my life has been changed forever. "every missionary can have at least one convert. One true blue through and through member of the church who will remain faithful long after the mission is over." That convert is me. I have been changed forever. And i am grateful for every day I have had here, that God has changed me. 

Love you familia. See you soon.


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