Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Save the River!

Dearest family of mine,
HEY! how has your week been? Ours was eh... pretty decent. We had two exchanges, and I left the area both times. So basically, I didn't work my area the whole time! haha! I have no idea who half of the people we are teaching are :) but it's fun! We actually had a few crazy things happen with our investigators.
okay HA! so last week I failed to mention a hilarious thing that happened. One of our Investigators Ever (the one who took a smoke break during church) well last week we tried to get him to go to English Church, and we brought over the English missionaries Sunday morning and he came out all ready to go looking super spiffy in a nice light blue suit. Well. he's good to go right? and we are just waiting for his ride to come and all the sudden he says, "Well Goodnight" and walks back inside. What the...? So finally his ride came, but Ever refuses to come outside. I felt like someone from the movies with my head pressed against his door trying to lure him out, and him yelling from the inside "No i'm not going!" it was the strangest experience! Well... yeah ever since then he has not been well. Something psychological and so now we can't teach him anymore.
In other good church news, we have this awesome new investigator Victor. And he came to church! he loved it! the downside was, he brought his 4 year old son who did not love church. At one point we took them out to the bathroom, and then the son took off running and we lost him!! he actually just ran back into the sacrament room and hid under the pews and when he came out he got caught in my skirt!! needless to say church was an adventure yesterday! cute little James.
In saddest investigator News, we have this stellar investigator Xiomara, who dropped us :( she is going through a divorce, and has all sorts of health problems, and it's just not her time. So we went by and took her flowers and it was just so sad!! she loves us a lot, and I just love her she is the cutest! But one day it will be her time and she can be baptized!
okay now to answer the question as to why the heck this email is called save the river, on Saturday we got to clean up the LA river with Mormon helping hands!! hooray for service! it was kind of a big deal, the mayor came and everything! okay I don't really feel like I did a lot, just picked up some trash and got eaten by bugs, but hey, it was service nonetheless and now the ocean will be clean or something! (also, side note to this story, the mayor came right? and he looks super familiar. I am not 100% sure about this, but i'm pretty sure that we see the mayor out walking his dog every morning while we are out jogging, and we always try to give him a card but he's so snoody pants and hates us. I can't prove it yet, but i'll let you know next week. To be continued....)
Hermana Barnes and I are doing great. Thanks for all your love and support. I am positive I will have great adventures for you next week, so look out! haha Love you all so much! be good and go do some meaningful service or something!

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