Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bike Week!

okay, so here is the deal. Sometimes I get really bored doing the same thing every day, so I have to think of fun ideas to get me excited about life. Well. Here was the latest. Bike Week! It's like shark week, except without the ocean, or the sharks, and instead of a whole week we only went three days.... but other than that exactly like shark week.
So we rode bikes this week. and. it. was. so. FUN!!!! (sorry I didn't tell you about my genius idea mom ;)) why have I never been on bike my whole mission! It is the funnest thing I ever knew! Except we are super sweaty and look nasty and people probably think we are crazy riding bikes in skirts! haha but let me tell you, it was just a hoot! our first day on bike we rode 18 miles! we may or may not have had trouble on the way home... Hermana Barnes chain was being a sissy and kept breaking, but this very friendly skateboarder with the mouth of a sailor ended up helping us out! cute him. What a miracle.
okay enough about bike adventures, I will tell you some cool story adventures. So we are teaching this mom and son, Maria y Andres. My favorite little family. Well we were at the church Tuesday night talking to sweet Andres, and we asked him how his reading in the book of Mormon was going. He said good I'm already in 2nd nephi like 25! so we read with him 2nd nephi 25:26, and it ends by saying "that their children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins." and cute little Andres just looks at us and says "speaking of sins, I think i'd like to be baptized." WHAT!!
okay so we say "well why do you want to be baptized andres?"
and he says "I just want to be clean from all my sins"
"Well what kind of sins do you have Andres?"
"well, sometimes I tell lies. One time I told my teacher there was a zombie in our classroom. I think I just want to be clean of all my sins and have a fresh new life."
Stop everything he is the cutest honey I ever knew!! We're going to get him baptized!!! (hopefully. Pray his older brother can have a soft heart)
And last my favorite thing ever, my sweet investigator Martin from Burbank was baptized yesterday. We got to go, and it was so special. It was especially amazing because Hermana Barnes and I taught him his very first lesson in February when we were on exchanges. He is our little miracle we found together, and now he has made covenants with heavenly father that will change his life forever. I am so grateful for this gospel. So grateful to be a missionary. I love every single day of it. I can't believe it's almost been a year! It's so crazy how fast the time goes. I love you all and miss you, but there is no place I would rather be than here in California serving the Lord. I love you! Have a great week!

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