Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Elder Richards!

Okay so I am the worst and have to write to you the shortest emails! haha but I will tell you great things! okay so this weekend we had elder Richards come visit our mission. Elder Kent F. Richards of the seventy. Oh my gosh blow my mind every day. It was the best thing that ever happened!! He kind of called us out, because we are finding a ton of new investigators, but no one is getting baptized, which means we aren't teaching them good, and they aren't understanding!! holy tolito, aint that the truth. So he taught us something that I am going to use the rest of my life!
1. teach truth
2. invite them to act in faith
3. minister (follow up)
and he also taught us the four basic things that we all need to really understand.
Jesus Christ is our savior
The Restoration
The Book of Mormon
The Preisthood was Restored
Everything basically hangs on these things. It was really eye opening to understand, and see a general authority and how he really UNDERSTANDS the gospel. The real reason WHY we do things. it really opened my eyes to see how important our message really is, that without the restoration, we wouldn't have the priesthood. There would be no way to make the covenants to make it back to our heavenly father! God really does love us and he has a plan for us, and it is an absolutely perfect plan. The church isn't the end goal, the church is simply a vehicle that allows us to make the covenants we need in order to live with God. wow anyways, it was super awesome.
other things that happened this week. My favorite family in the whole world has decided to be taught by the English missionaries, so that their son can understand. Biggest heartbreak of my mission for sure.
Ever our dear investigator who is definitely struggling with the word of wisdom came to church yesterday! He had to take a smoking break half way through, he went MIA for a while and then we found him out from smoking. Ha! he's the cutest!
We met a WITCH! that was cool. She had a purple house so obviously we had to knock It, and she said oh no thank you we practice witchcraft here.
ummm... and we got to be a members miracle this week. We took her out to a lesson with us, and she said, hermanas I always pray that the missionaries will call me so I can go out and share my testimony and change peoples lives. She is amazing.
So family I love you so much! If you get the chance to teach anyone this week, I invite you to teach them truth, and invite them to act, and then follow up with them ;) you will be able to feel the happiness the gospel truly brings. LOVE YOU!

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