Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easters!

Hey cute family! how are y'all (this is me adopting my companions southern accent. she's from Tennessee ya know?) anyways, back to important things like missionary work.
This week was so fun! and tiring. I feel like I am just a big tired mess all the time. But then we have lots of fun and see crazy miracles and heaven sends us the energy we need or something! Well anyways, this week we had back to back exchanges! super fun!
I left the area both times, so first I went back to my little honey Hermana Blacker in Burbank! I love Burbank so much! it was a lot of fun. We talked to tons of people, and well, that's kind of all we did. ha. sometimes I am not quite sure I have this calling, because I don' really feel like I do a lot to help, but we had a lot of fun, and it was cool to be back with Hermana blacker.
Then the day after I went to North Hollywood 4th with Hermana Simpson! okay here is the deal. Hermana Simpson sometimes scares me. She is just super smart, and a great missionary, and so I was really intimidated! ha! Well it turned out to be a stellar exchange. Like probably one of my favorites. We worked super hard, we learned a ton, and my favorite part, we decided to go back by this family that I had found when I was in NOHO, Monica. Well by some miracle she was home, and not busy, and we were able to teach her and her two teenage kids Jeanine and giovani. It was such a miracle because Monica has always been amazing. She is super cool, just really busy, so we had to drop her because she wasn't really ready, and willing to come to church. Well when we by she said to us, "I had a really bad week last week, and I know you are an answer to my prayers." That was amazing. It was just a really neet experience to be lead by the spirit not only in the work, but with Hermana Simpson, and I was actually able to teach her a lot as well.
Well meanwhile while I was out of the area, our favorite investigator in the whole world Mayra Martin dropped us!!! I am super glad I was not here for that, because I heard it was a sad thing with lots of tears. She is just really confused and needs her space. But on a good note, our sweet mom and son Maria and Andres are just little angels sent from heaven, and Andres wants to be baptized! Maria said she wants more time, but Andres is the cutest honey ever!
and yep that is pretty much our week. I spent a lot of time this week thinking about the savior, and what it truly means to represent him. I know that my savior lives. He is the most central part in God's plan for us. He died for us, so we will one day live again. And he atoned for us so we may be free from sin. He knows our struggles, knows our pains, knows our weaknesses, and he is here to walk with us. I know my savior lives. I love you all. Happy Easter!
love Ness
Pics: Hermana Simpson
Monica Jimenez little miracle woman

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