Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Querida Familia Mia,
can we all just pause for a second to think about how awesome conference was! Holy tolito. We are so blessed to be able to hear from living prophets who receive direction for US! so amazing. We actually had one investigator Leo who came to conference, and his remarks after was "I liked it a lot. A lot of them talked about missionaries. It seems to me that the missionaries must be failing." hahahahaha! truth. But I did really love the follow up we received from elder Ballard. I absolutely loved his talk. From listening to that talk I want to invite all of you to obtain your own copy of preach my gospel and begin to study it!! It is an incredible tool in learning the gospel! I would suggest starting in chapter 3. That is where you can really learn the basic Doctrines of the church. Also, I am going to follow Elder Ballards Council as well as I share with you what I am learning from preach my gospel!
I have spent a lot of time thinking about my investigators, and why the heck they aren't getting baptized. Hermana Barnes and I are expert finders. We find tons of new people to teach, but then none of them progress toward anything. Well. Here is the Problem. They aren't keeping commitments. They aren't going to progress if they are not keeping their commitments. Conversion comes as they act upon the message they are receiving. So they can't really ever be converted, or gain a lasting testimony if they don't read and pray about the book of Mormon. So I made the decision that I am going to walk the path of conversion with my investigators. I have decided to do their commitments with them. If I invite them to read their scriptures, I do it too. If invite them to repent, then I do it with them. I have seen such an incredible change in these people, as we walk the path of conversion together.
Another amazing thing that we learned this week and I have been loving is how to treasure up the doctrine. We really need to know the doctrine of the gospel in order to help others become converted. So every day I have been studying the doctrines found in chapter 3. Hyrum smith once said. "Learn the principles of the Gospel. Teach them over and over again." the doctrine of the gospel; Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Repentance, baptism, the holy ghost and enduring to the end. Those things are essential for our conversion, and our salvation! I invite all of you to begin to study preach my gospel, and treasure up the doctrines found therein.
We had exchanges this week and it was amazing. I got to be with Hermana Evans! My MTC companion. It was so much fun. back in Noho 4to for a day! it was so much fun! I love Noho 4to. The people there are just so amazing! We got to have dinner with some recent converts that I just Love! Rene and Violeta. Oh man if only everyone could be as humble and as faithful as that sweet family, I think the world would just be a happy place:)
And lastly, me and Hermana Barnes were almost terrible missionaries this week! We almost didn't talk to our 140 people of the week. Well President Told us, maybe it will be okay for you two to not hit your 140. Maybe you need to focus on your teaching. But we decided, well we want to do both! So I don't know what happened, or why we were so behind, but come Sunday we had only talked to 86 people. What the heck. That is just not acceptable. So we had to go out and fix it! Well WE DID IT! we talked to 54 people that day and it was SO Crazy! I learned a really cool lesson. We could have taken President's advice, and not hit our goal, but because we were devoted to talking with everyone, and not giving up, we met some incredible people we probably wouldn't have met. I am really learning not to be complacent, and how to really give it everything you have. Mission life has taught me tenacity. And I am not giving up on anyone or anything. This transfer has been the funnest ever being able to work my little heart out with my best friend Hermana Barnes.
In other great news, Hermana Barnes and I are together for one more transfer!!! yay!! I am so happy! We are going to work miracles here in Noho 5to. Look out! Love you all so much! Go be good missionaries!
Love Ness
pictures: Hermana Violeta. So sweet:)
Hermana Blacker caught a lizard during conference! ha! I am so proud of her! my little baby girl!

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