Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2,2013

Dearest Family of mine! okay well, it's been so long that I can't even remember what has happened!! Okay lets see I will just give you some highlights if I can remember them.
-We met a 96 year old woman from El Salvador who is still kicking. She is hilarious and makes me laugh like crazy. She is our new investigator.
-umm Miguel bought us all Italian food last Monday, and it was amazing!
-we had the relief society broadcast on Saturday, and Hermana Hadley sang, and me and Hermana Clifton were her backup singers, but freaking Hermana Clifton made me laugh in the middle of the song and then we ruined it.
-umm Violeta's birthday was on Thursday, and I accidentally sat on my piece of pizza, and then we had cake which may or may not have had real coffee in it.... and then monica called us to come to dinner, so we had double dinners that night... yikes we were super fat missionaries this week!!!
-I offended a member because I don't know how to speak Spanish and I guess I told her she needs to wear a skirt to church, and she got offended...
-yesterday we met a crazy woman who offered us some medical marijuana from a crayon box! haha "okay we are going lakers at 7! yellow and purple! we want the rainbows. we don't want any of that devil stuff." Oh man it was quite a riot!!
-we got Monica and her whole family to do family prayer! (except for Fransisco he wasn't home :( but still, that was a special experience. In her prayer she said, "I am grateful we could be here to do family prayer which is actually starting to be kind of fun! haha oh Monica, she is a doll.
Now let me tell you about today! today has been amazing. This morning we were so very blessed with the opportunity to go to the temple! I haven't been to the temple in over three months! oh man how I have missed it. But I tell you what. The LA temple is absolutely gorgeous. And the rooms are all amazing. oh man. We are totally going here when you come to pick me up. it was an amazing experience! Then! after the temple, we decided to be so sneaky, so we blindfolded Hermana Clifton, and took her out to lunch at her favorite restaurant! PF Chang's! it was super duper yummy, and I loved it a lot! It has been an amazing day!
Okay now that you are all jealous of the swanky life I live as a missionary, I am going to share a tender mercy of the week. So I have really been struggling with finding people. In the beginning of my mission I loved talking to people. I would talk to everyone. Well I don't know what's wrong with me, but I sometimes just feel like I don't have the energy, or I don't want to talk to that person. so me and the Lord have been working on it together. So yesterday we were doing personal study in the Laundromat, and there were two Latina women there also. I kept getting the impression that I needed to talk to them, but I didn't want to, because I didn't want to bother them and yada yada. But heavenly father was just saying to me, Janessa, just trust me, I need you to go talk to those people. So I ate a big piece of humble pie and went to go talk to those ladies. Well we ended up having like a 30 minute conversation, found out she is our neighbor that lives like a street behind us, and then got a return cita with them. That was incredible, and I am so happy the Lord let me be a part of that special miracle. Talking with everyone. You just wait I am going to come home and be the chattiest Cathy you have every known!
Well family, I hope you are all doing so super wonderful! I love you all oh so very much! Be good to each other, and remember I love you all with all my heart! Enjoy the pictures!
Hermana Clifton's Birthday surprise!

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