Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bodas, Baptisms and a bike 10/28/13

okay, so here is the deal, this week was awesome and super fun!! I am just going to start out by saying we lost Hermana Hadley. But she didn't go too far! she just got moved to the bike area in our district. So surprise! she is still in our ward! which is good, because she needs to be there for Miguel's baptism!! which is next week!!! WOOOO!! he is doing so good. I will tell you about him in a minute. So yes Hermana Hadley is gone. So now it's just me and Hermana Clifton. also, the elders left for argentina, but not before elder Pennington treated us to PF changs! last Monday. Yeah he is the greatest ever! We got a few new people in our district, and it's a bit different, but it's going to be fun!
Let me tell you, being with just 1 companion is super different! but Hermana Clifton is fun. We have a lot of fun together me and her. We have nominated ourselves the fun companionship of this district, and it's so true. one thing that is a little bit hard with her though, is she doesn't like to work quite as hard as I do. She is at a really high stress level right now, so she gets overwhelmed pretty easily. Sometimes I feel like we don't work very hard, and it is a bit frustrating, but I am learning patience. This is the transfer for patience I tell you what!! Patience, Love, and Lots of laughs!!
Okay so this is what has happened this week. Friday, we had a crazy day! we had 4 member presents, all back to back! (in missionary language, that's a HUGE DEAL!!) Saturday we got to go to a Boda! for my little greengos out there, that means wedding. Ruebin and Yessenia got married, and then on sunday, they got baptized!! how cute! the wedding was so good. It was in the church, and the ward came and there was a little after lunch. Our ward is so good to do that for them. Me and Hermana Clifton made up a rap to sing at their wedding, it was in Spanglish and pretty legit. I was proud of it. But we decided not to. Also, because Elder speth's rap was way cooler than ours. Dangit I hate losing in rap battles.
So yeah on sunday we 3 baptisms in our district!!! what!! that is unreal. None of them were our investigators. that's next week! also, we had stake conference, and it was super awesome! Miguel came and he brought his friend Javier! (javi hated it.. but he is hilarious.) man Miguel is just on fire! He is talking to all his friends about the gospel, and inviting them all to church. The other day, we texted him to remind him not to drink, and he said no way hermanas, I'm not going to fail you! oh I just love him every day!
Okay so we are a little bit on the blonde side sometimes. So stake conference was in Van Nuys, which is a little ways away. So we didn't realize we were almost out of gas, so because we didn't want to buy gas on sunday, we spent the day as BIKE HERMANAS!!!! WOOHOO!! seriously. I want to get put onto bike SO bad! it was so fun! I was just laughing my head off all the way down the street. But boy golly my booty is hurting right now! man. This week was just a blast! I tell you what family, the church sure is true. And even though this work is hard, it is so worth it. There is nothing on earth I would rather be doing right now. Family I love you so much. Keep being the great members I know you are. Heaven only knows the church needs good members. Us missionaries would be nothing without you members! thank you for everything, and I love you with all my heart!
Love Ness

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