Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hey family! how are you all doing?! I hope you are all so so happy.
So I have been staring at this computer screen for like 5 minutes, and I just can't figure out with to write about. okay I think I got it. 2 things. Finding and Hermana Hadley. So as you know we got transfer calls, and our dear Hermana Hadley is leaving us. Which is absolutely terrifying!!
I cant really tell you my favorite part of the week Just that we did a lot!! our week was packed! we did lots of normal missionary stuff, then some not so normal missionary stuff. But the weekend was amazing! okay so you remember that family that had super disobedient missionaries? yep? well we got that taken care of. We set our purpose so good, there is no way they are going to not progress. The trick will just be getting them to church!! We had an incredible lesson with Miguel/the whole house. We got everyone in on that cita! We got Miguel, Hermana Dominguez (side note, she is my absolute favorite!!!) hermano Dominguez, who is incredibly less active, the mother in law, the neighbor and the two little girls. And then we rocked it with the restoration. it was awesome!!! the only one we didn't get was Giovani, but we'll work on him. Might have to use the flirt to convert strategy with that one... haha but Miguel is doing so great! He is going to be baptized! loving him!
Saturday we had a blitz, and that is where we all get together and go knocking in one area. (our area:)) so all the elders came to help us find new people! can I just say, I love elders. Okay not like LOVE but I just respect them so much. They just work so hard, and seeing them all knocking the doors of our area was amazing. We just happened to send them into cholo land (gangster area) but hey, better the elders than us right? ha! seriously I am growing to love finding so much!! I love being out and walking around. Okay get this, so right after our blitz when we went to all meet back up, this woman comes up to us, and just stops. she stopped to talk to us!! that never happens. She is interested. You just wait, we are going to teach her!! oh and mom, we took some of the pumpkin bread to the blitz, and the elders LOVED it!! haha they all say thank you and they love you!!
Okay so saddest ever, Hermana Hadley is transferring out. it's going to be so incredibly hard, but I know it needs to happen. Because Heavenly father knows I need to grow. I have been kind of naughty and hiding in her shadow. she is an incredible missionary, and I have learned a TON from her. She has left a huge impact on our ward. I can see that she loves all the people with her whole heart. She has an incredible testimony, and she listens to the spirit so well. Even though sometimes she is difficult I am so greatful that she has been my companion these past 3 transfers. But I know that now that she is leaving I am going to have to step up. I am not living up to my fullest potential, and I know I need to grow more. So I need to learn how to love more, how to talk more, and how to teach better. I will miss her greatly, and I know it is going to be incredibly hard without her, but it's going to be amazing!!
okay dearest family, so sorry my email was not the best thing you ever read! ha but I will pray hard for a good miracle to tell you next week! Never forget how much I love you, and you are always in my prayers!!
pictures: the elders are leaving for argentina!
I ate a hamburger as big as my face! yumm Fuddruckers!

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