Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10/15/13 Lessons learned

Oh my dearest family how I love you so. So I am just going to tell you lots of lessons that I learned this week.
the first is how the spirit speaks to everyone, and everyone is entitle to receive revelation.
So we were super privileged this week with a visit from Elder Kopischke, a member of the quorum of the 70. He was holy tolito, just super incredible. He is from Germany and had an awesome accent, and he shared tons of cool stories. But one thing he had us do in the very beginning was write down questions, of what we wanted to get out of the conference. I wrote my questions very personal to me, and it was incredible to see that throughout the conference, my question was answered multiple times. I received so much revelation specifically for me. Sure I could have gone to that conference and learned a lot about what he said just from his words, but Because I wanted to learn something, I was able to receive personal revelation. It was awesome. Everyone in this church is entitled to receive revelation. So don't forget it. And just oh my goodness Elder Kopischke just blew my mind. He was awesome.
another thing I learned this week was the importance of being obedient. We met a family this week who was taught by the missionaries a couple of years ago. We asked them what they liked the most about meeting with them, and they told us that they just had a lot of fun, and they would cook and laugh and have a good time. So I guess these missionaries were super disobedient, and set us up for failure! This family has completely false expectations of us. We had our first lesson, and they started out by asking all these strange questions like who is heavenly mother and just crazy things. So we taught the plan of salvation, and they had CRAZY questions during that. Well we ended up having an 1 1/2 hour lesson, and then after she wanted to feed us! But we were already late! so basically, I am super mad at these old missionaries who were super disobedient and now we have a family who probably wont progress. We invited them to church and they said, oh no we don't go to church. They were taught for 2 and a half years and never went to church? what. Okay well I will keep you updated on this family.
The last amazing experience we had this week was that we got to go to the Los Angeles Temple visitors center with our Investigator Miguel. Satan really did not want us to go, and he put every single obstacle in our path, but we got there. We got there very late, and we drove with a member who doesn't have a license (don't tell anyone), but we made it. It was such an incredible experience. We ended up going with a member, Hermano Lico, a less active, Hermana Dominguez, an investigator, Miguel, and then two other people who are not members, or investigators. They no like nothing about the church. It was amazing though, because the hermanas at the visitors center did such an amazing job with them. The spirit was super strong, and it spoke to all of them differently. You see? The spirit speaks to everyone!! We watched that families are forever video, and it had me, Hermana Hadley and Hermana Clifton all crying!! oh man, when the missionaries have a break down, that's when you know you are doing a good job. I am just so happy to know that my family is eternal. It makes everyday out here in the field worthwhile.
Other things that happened this week:
We went to yogurtland!! we earned that ice cream!
I got bit by Aisa pastors hamster. Rude.
I had a breakdown on Thursday, and so did Hermana Clifton. Good thing we have Hermana Hadley to play doctor phil.
We had a super rad zone activity and carved pumpkins!
That's about it. I can't really think of the things we did this week. But it was a super amazing week. I love you all, and I am so grateful for all of your amazing examples to me!!
Love Ness
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