Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jannessa is transfered

Dearest family,
first of all, thank you all so much for the sweet birthday gifts and wishes!!! you are the best little family I ever knew!! I love you all so much!! Did you have a wonderful thanksgiving? We sure did! Aye let me just tell you a little bit about our week!!!
So last Monday we had turkey bowl, and Our team rocked. I tell you what. Some Latinos can just naturally pick up football and be good, and others have no idea how to play because it's not like soccer at all! ahahaha cute little elders I just love them with all my heart.
Tuesday We got to go to the TEMPLE!!! happiest days of my life!
Wednesday, well I don't really remember that day.
Thursday we went to 3 thanksgivings! okay well, let me explain. So first we went to one thanksgiving at Hermana Leivas. And let me tell you holy tolito was it good!!! She had turkey and ham and beef and potatoes and pastas and pumpkin pies and sweet potatoes! Oh so yummy! Hermana Clifton spent all morning In the kitchen making rolls to take with us. After her house we went to our investigator Yahel's because she wanted us to try her tamales. Which were just not good at all!!! ick! and then last we stopped by monicas to give her a pie, and she invited us in so we ran in and stole all the delicious treats and desserts from her table! We took her a pie and she gave us a cheesecake! ha! fair trade! Friday it was my birthday and it poured rain all day. So we spent the day opening birthday presents and then going on a service spree delivering birthday goodies to all the elders and hermanas. Later we had a birthday party at hermano Miguel's house and he got me a birthday cake!! yay! I love him all the days!
Saturday well I am not going to go into details but we had some companionship drama. We received transfer calls Saturday night, and IM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!! don't worry mom I'm not going to bike ;)
Sunday we spent packing and then we took sweet Hermana Hadley and Wendell up to the mission office, because they are flying our to Argentina. Ah I am just going to miss them so much!
Okay now here is the juicy story of the week that you are all going to love!!! So. Wednesday we were in comp study. And Hermana Clifton says to me, "okay so we have planned for a baptism this week, and we have been working so hard. So how are we going to get it?" well we brainstormed for a bit, and then we realized, there is this less active we meet with, Hugo, and his mom has never been baptized!! okay so back story. Hugo was found like 8 months ago, and he was baptized when he was 8, but then never went to church after that. We have been going every week to meet with him to teach him and reactivate him. He is a little different, and has a special disability. But anyways, his mom always sits in on our lessons with us, but she has never been baptized. Most people just write her off as old and senile so she just gets ignored. But she comes to church with Hugo all the time! So we said, she's been to church enough times, and she knows the stuff, she could totally be baptized this sunday!!!
So we go to Hugo's house to meet with him. Well his mom went out to the market. Oh no that's not going to stop us from having our baptism. So we said that's okay we will wait for her to come home!!! so 30 minutes later she comes home. Well we taught her lesson 1. At the end we invited her to be baptized. She said she really wants to be! So we asked if she would prepare to be baptized on Sunday. She said yeah she would do it! perfect! So we walk out of there with a baptism planned for sunday. Sweet Hermana Albertina is getting baptized!!! The only problem was we just had to teach her all the lessons in 3 days!!!!
So the next day (thanksgiving) we stopped by in the morning to see her. We taught her the 10 commandments and follow the prophet. Anytime we asked her a question she just said "si, Exactamente!" ha! can you just imagine her baptismal interview? Hermana what does it mean to you to repent? "si Exactamente!" keep in mind this woman is like 90! ahaha oh man.
Well, we had a lot of things to teach her on Friday, but guess what. They left to palmdale for thanksgiving!!!! so they were in palmdale all day Friday. All of their cellphones don't work, so that was frustrating. We went by at least 5 times to see her. Almost ever hour. But no luck.
Well the same thing happened on Saturday! we kept going by, but they just weren't home from palmdale yet!! It was super frustrating, and I was just so discouraged. We weren't going to get our baptism!!! well. we kept going by every hour, and then finally they came home!!! it was a miracle!!! So we went and talked to hugo, and he said hermanas this isn't a good time. We are locked out of the house because I left the keys in palmdale. Oh great!!! of all the luck. So we said, okay nope, there is no way were are letting this minor detail get in the way of our baptism!! so we may or may not have assisted them in breaking into their house! shhhh don't tell anyone! well. Finally after that whole ordeal we were in! The only problem left was we had to teach her every single lesson!!
Well, we did just that. We taught sweet albertina the plan of salvation, the doctrine of Christ, the law of chastity, the word of wisdom, tithes and offerings, fasting, baptism and confirmation, all in under 45 minutes!! That is unheard of!!! oh man everything was straight on track. She was set and ready to go everything good for the baptism. She still felt good about it, we were all set for her interview, we had the people to give the talks, everything was set! I felt really good about it.
Well, sunday morning comes, and our district leader calls us. He says "Hermanas I was just in ward council, and we were talking about Hermana Albertina and her baptism. It turns out I have some funny news. Albertina was already baptized!" .......... WHAT!!......... "Yeah she was baptized in 1954." Well, so our baptism got cancelled....
I guess the moral of the story is, don't ever trust old people when they tell you they haven't been baptized. And thank heavens for church records!! That could have been a bad thing! Well Dear family, I love you all so much!! I miss you like crazy, but I can't wait to talk to you in 23 days!!!!
Love Ness

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