Friday, December 13, 2013

Hello there my dear family! Greeting from Sunny California ;) haha I just had to say that because you are all freezing over there! I am freezing over here and it's like 50-60 degrees! Well anyways, so there have been tons of changes!! let me tell you about them.
So I am not in North Hollywood anymore! I got moved to Burbank 5to! and holy tolito. I tell you what we are in a classy area. We have Nickolodean Studios right by our house, Warner Brothers studios, Universal Studios (the theme park...) the LA zoo!! all the fun things are in our area! it's HUGE!!! we are in car, and we get lost quite frequently. Our first day here in the area we had a Cita with someone who lived on main street. Well in our attempt to find it (after looking at the map before we left the house) we ended up in universal Studios, no where near houses. After calling the district leader, then the zone leaders, the AP's, and then Elder Oakey who was in the area before us, we finally found our way!! haha only an hour later! (good thing we left an hour early for our cita.)
Well as new missionaries in an area, we have no idea what to do really. We spent a lot of time knocking doors. It's kind of a game of hit and miss to find the latino areas in our area. We have met some pretty non latino people. Like a woman who is a stylist for bands! She was cool. Or this guy Valentino who is a movie star and works with Vin Diesel. (okay actually he is latino, and his mom is a member and they are from the Dominican republic. pretty sweet!!) We did find a couple latinos! Some who were very drunk, and then we talked to a homeless guy for a while. My poor new companera, she told me, man missionary work is different from what I thought! I didn't think we would talk to so many drunk and homeless people! hahaha oh cute her! She is in for a fun little time!
Speaking of my new companion, I am training!! Yikes! My sweet compie is from new Mexico, and came straight from the Mexico MTC. Her name is Hermana Shantae Blacker. She is a sweetheart and so excited to work really hard. I am super excited to be able to train her. It's been pretty hard trying to whitewash an area and train at the same time! But we are learning together so that's good! anyways, so also something that is super different is there are only 4 of us missionaries here in this ward! us 2 Hermanas and 2 elders. Okay the elders are the cutest things ever. Except no not really they are the meanest!! So they are on bike and we are the nicest to them, and one day they looked the saddest ever, so we sent them a message and told them we loved them and to be happy! Well then they said "please stop wasting our time we have a lot to do..." OUCH!!! aren't they the rudest!! well okay they were just kidding and then they said they love us too, but I'm still bitter about it because they are stinky. Yeah it's definitely different just being two hermanas and two elders. instead of the 10 we had in our last ward.
The last and probably my favorite miracle of the week: we got a new investigator!!! So we learned a lot in zone training meeting about how to be great missionaries, and how to find the people that will receive you. One thing the hermanas challenged us to do is ask people if you can come in for 10 minutes to share a message with them. So we tried it and it worked and we made a cute little honey named Graciela and she is so sweet! That was such a tender mercy to us after working so hard in this area. I am excited for what this area has in store for us, and to be able to work with our sweet new members. I love this gospel so very much, and I love being a missionary ever single day!
Oh dear Family I love you lots! Try to stay warm, and cherish this Christmas season. I love you all and miss you all the days! You are always in my prayers!
Love Ness

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