Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My First Baptism!!

Okay family. I will tell you. This has been the best week of my mission. It has been hard, and crazy, lots of fun, and lots of times I had to take a deep breath and count to ten. Lots of laughs, and a couple tears. Are you ready to hear all about it?? here we go.
So My sweet companion Hermana Clifton. Well she is so nice and so fun, but sometimes I tell you, she can be a Grinch. I think I have told you she is at a really high stress level right now yeah? well she is seeing a counselor and we are working on it. But there will just be some days where she will just be grouchy. And I tell you, it is probably one of the hardest things I have had to deal with on my mission is grouchy people. I just don't handle them very well! that's all there is to it! I just love being happy, and grouchy people are just no fun. So during her grouchy days I would have a jolly good time looking for fruit from peoples trees. There is this really yummy fruit I love called Guayaba. oh in English it's just guava. Yeah they are pretty yummy. So in her down moments we would find strange fruit and then try it! I think we may have accidentally eaten a rose the other day... it was pretty gross. And some sort of strange berry/grape. That was fun! also we found a guy selling corn from a cart! you know like in Nacho libre? oh man I tell you. It is the yummiest thing ever!! and he gave it to us for free!! Cute little Helote man:)
We had a Halloween activity this week, and Hermana Clifton and I dressed up as nerds. It was super fun. We actually had a pretty good turn out!! there were a lot of investigators there too. They had like musical chairs and stuff. Hermana Hadley tried to teach us all thriller!! haha and then they played the Gangnum style song. All the missionaries about died because we couldn't dance :( saddest!!! don't worry, I am sending lots of pictures!!! Halloween day was super fun. We got lots of candies and got to help monica decorate her house. More pictures don't worry. And also, we got 2 trick or treaters!! how fun!!
I tried to use a real pumpkin this week to make pumpkin cookies. Well... they now have a new name! pumpkin chunk cookies!! haha. Also, we didn't have like any of the ingredients, so they turned out bien extrano... bien wuakala no? haha
Some other fun things we did this week was we got turtles!!! ahahaa so our investigator, cute little fransisco, poor guy he is so sick :( but his son gave us turtles! it was the funnest! all the other missionaries were jealous!! well we couldn't keep them of course, so we decided to give them to hermano Miguel in honor of his baptism!! but not before we played with them of course!! we painted them, and then named them! Princessa and Sebastian :) oh man. Hermano Miguel about died when we showed up with TURTLES! haha who gives someone turtles for their baptism? oh yeah only us!
another thing we did for hermano Miguel before his baptism was paint his room! it was super fun. His room looked like a five year olds room before. Super splotchy and funny. He had a ton of toys and stuff too. And weird posters. So we helped him out and gave him pictuers of jesus and the temple and of all of us together. It was super fun. It took us the whole afternoon too!! he loved it a lot though, and he was super grateful! oh it was a surprise too! so that made it even funner!
Okay now let me just tell you about sweet hermano Miguel's baptism. It was incredible. Most amazing thing of my mission. I am so proud of him!! okay. So finally the day has arrived. After 3 months of teaching him, and having to change his baptismal date twice, he finally made it! he changed his life completely. He is totally different now. he is so much happier and he is just a new person. He was super nervous for his baptism, but he did so good!! We got his whole less-active family involved in the baptism too, and they said they are going to start coming back to church!! how incredible is that!! I love them all the days! I am just so grateful that I had the opportunity to be hermano Miguel's missionary. He has come so far. I know that it is only through the atonement of Jesus Christ that he was able to change his life. Thank you so much for all your prayers for him, and for all your support. You are such a wonderful family and I am so grateful for you. I love you all all the days!!
Love Ness

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