Monday, November 18, 2013

6 mo. 11/12/13

Dearest family. I cannot believe 6 months of my mission have already gone by. Man I tell you what. They flew!! that's crazy!! I only have a year left! gross!! okay but let me tell you. you are going to be super disappointed with my weekly email this week. Not too much happened. It wasn't a very crazy week like last week. well lets see what happened.
Oh! we had a zone training meeting, and it was incredible!! the main focus of the training was that we need to go back to our main purpose, and that is to baptize! So there are these crazy statistics, that you know how the number of new missionaries went up like crazy? well the number of baptisms actually went down!! I know nuts right?? So president Ballard had a meeting with the mission presidents, and he said we need to be getting back to our purpose, and that is to baptize!! so me and Hermana Clifton are looking for a miracle baptism this week. It's really true though. Basically everything you do in missionary work leads the people up to baptism. Man I tell you what. We are gonna be stepping up our game for sure. We need to be baptizing!! I will be a successful missionary if I baptize.
well anyways, that training was awesome. then right after we had exchanges. I stayed in the area with Hermana Barnes. We had a pretty crazy day. We visited a lot of families, and they all wanted to feed us food! okay let me just tell you a little about our day. We went to this investigators house, she said, hey I am making papusas so we are going to eat them okay? oh man. She actually made pretty good papusas, I don't usually like them. Well then after that we went over to Monica's and she said oh my goodness my sister made some zupa Toscana from Olive garden, so naturally, we had to try it!! haha people just love to feed us I tell you what. Also, the other day, we were visiting this member right before a dinner appointment, and she said oh I made some Mole I want you to try it. And we said oh no we've got a dinner to go to... she said oh no just to try ok? and I tell you. I HATE mole. grossest food I have had so far on the mish... So she gives us this aweful aweful mole, and I wanted to die. Then we went and ate some yummy enchiladas at our dinner appointment. don't even worry, I am just becoming the fattest missionary ever!!!
Other side note, I am becoming a soccer super star. We played yesterday for P-day, and our team rocked. Actually I got like 7 red cards because I play really dirty and I may or may not have tripped District leader very bad and clearly on purpose. Okay he tripped me first!!
In other news, Miguel is now officially a member of la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias! he got confirmed on sunday. He is so excited to be a Mormoncito:) umm, well, I tell you, I am sorry this letter is the lamest! We didn't have too many adventures this week! But don't worry, next week we should have some. We are going to the zoo for my birthday!! so I will have lots more pictures and fun stuff the next couple weeks. But for now, Enjoy this picture of Hermana Hadley and I for our 6 month anniversary :)
I love you all so much, and I hope you have the best week ever!!!
Love Ness

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