Monday, November 18, 2013

Mail time

Okay sweet family, here comes the weekly email. Well not too much has happened this week. I have a feeling my next weeks email is going to be pretty crazy!! but this week, let me tell you what happened.
So on Tuesday we had our interview with President Hall. Can I just tell you, he is the greatest man I ever knew. He is just the perfect mission president. I love him so much!!! So we talked for a bit, and he helped me out with things, and we talked about what I wanted to work on. So I really want to just work really hard! It has been a struggle I am having with Hermana Clifton and myself. But president told me that it is okay to push your companion. Because we need to be working hard.
So this week I put his advice to the test. I am sick of staying in the house when we could be going out and talking to people. We need to be finding the people we are going to baptize!! So Friday morning Hna Clifton was in a particularly sour mood. She is just frustrated because she is sick and hasn't slept well and is just discouraged. Well I made her get out of the house, and she was just super grouchy. We contacted a ton of people. Didn't really find anyone super interested. But We met with the familia rosas, and we got a member referall from that! so that was a small miracle.
We tried it again on Saturday, but with not too much luck. Also, we had a cita with one of our investigators, and when we went she left our book of Mormon outside with a note saying she wasn't interested... So that was hard to hear. It just seems like one trial after another. Grouchy companions to not finding people, investigators cancelling citas and people dropping us. Just one hit after another. Satan has been playing dirty up here in North Hollywood. Missions are hard work. It is a constant struggle to keep my positive happy attitude. But I try hard everyday.
Well after a hard week, Saturday night we had a mission activity. the whole ward was there and we helped them know how to better help the missionaries. It took a lot to keep it together through the activity. At the end of the night, I just burst into tears. I just couldn't keep it together anymore. But I will tell you what. The Lord is so great to us. He is so wonderful. He knows we have been working so hard, and doing everything we can. So he showed us some great tender mercies. On sunday, we had 4 people come to church. 4. That NEVER happens. Najhi came to church, and after we had a lesson with her, and invited her to be baptized, and she said she would like to be!
back story on najhi, we are teaching her whole family, but her mom is super not interested. Najhi is the only one who is even interested. The mom has cancelled all of our citas for the last couple of weeks, so finally we went straight to Najhi and asked her if she wanted to come to church. She said she really wanted to, and she came and loved it, and is going to come back next week!! so everyone, PRAY FOR NAJHI!!!!
The lord is so great to us. He knows we are working so hard and trying to find new people. And even though we didn't find any new investigators this week, we were able to experience a miracle at church. The Lord is so aware of us. Always look for those tender mercies. They may not come in the way you think!! I love you so much family, and I pray for you always!! Love you!!

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