Thursday, May 22, 2014

Story time

Hey Family what's new? Okay so I am just going to play story time with you this week, and tell you about my favorite little investigator Andres.
So we had a lesson with them on Friday. Well we were running a little late, and by the time we got there Andres is sleeping on the couch! Dangit! so Hermana Umana gives us cheesecake while we wait for him to wake up. About five minutes later, he comes rolling off the couch like a grizzly waking up from hibernation. And so we teach the plan of salvation to him, and he was absolutely hilarious! we invited him to be baptized on June 15th with another little girl in the ward, and he said, "no then my water will be cold!"
somewhere during the middle of the lesson we were talking more about his baptism, and he just says "I just want my water to be warm."
He is so the cutest little honey ever! hands down my favorite investigator. Him and his cute mom Maria. They are the sweetest. Maria even memorized the scripture and gave it during relief society! they are just a golden little family!
We have another awesome investigator named Victor. He surprised us this week by being AWESOME! so we invited him to church and all that jazz. Well come sunday morning we call him and text him and he is just not answering. Dangit Victor! Well we go to church and sit by our sweet Golden family, and all of the sudden who do we see in the back row? VICTOR! so I think I really have come to learn never to give up on people. They will surprise  you. The people who really want this gospel won't need a lot of pushing from the missionaries. They will make it happen.
The last and saddest news is that Hermana Barnes is getting transferred. To BIKE! that lucky lady... (not the transferred part. the bike!) but. I am going to miss her a lot. It's been an amazing three months. Its probably safe to say she has been my favorite companion. She has just helped me grow so much, and become a better missionary. It has been really refreshing not to have to worry about companionship drama or anything, and just focus on missionary work. I have seen the area blossom, the people change, but most of all I have seen the change in me. I am grateful for every life that has touched mine for the better. I only hope to be able to touch others lives and help them become better people as well. I love you all so much! Have an amazing week.
Oh. Other things we did this week you might want to know.
Fed a homeless man a sandwich
Died in the super hot 100 degree weather.
Had awesome zone conference with president (p.s. we totally won the cleanest car award! yay!)
and accidentally drove out of the mission! (again!)

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