Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hey Fam! What's new? So get this. In this zone of mine we have two Hermana Watts. How cute. And I just happen to be her sister training leader, so logically, we are going to have to go on exchanges! And what does that mean? WATTS X 2 (or watts squared whichever you prefer...) It was a blast! We introduced ourselves all day "hey we're the Hermanas Watts" or "Hi nice to meet you my name is sister Watts.... my name is also sister watts". People were just all sorts of confused! One investigator, cute Mayra asked us, are all the misioneras going to be called Watts now? ha. Too fun.
Lets see what else happened this week. Well we had a great Mission Leadership council with president Hall, where we learned how to teach better. I tell you the gospel is so amazing and I am learning so much about it every day. But it's so hard to teach! okay false, it's hard to teach it simply! I just want to tell everyone everything I know, but that just doesn't go down well. And then you have to factor in teaching with a companion, and then of course the spirit is the real teacher, why should we even worry about teaching? yikes. The struggles of teaching the beautiful gospel. I'll be good at it one day, just you wait!
Lesson that I learned this week, is that if you invite people on the street to come tour the chapel it is not a great finding activity. No one came to our church tour... :( I know saddest days. Except! our atheist investigator Carlos. he is the sweetest. He knows basically everything about the gospel, he just can't feel that it's true. So everyone, Pray that Carlos Can feel the spirit!!
okay yeah my time is gone, love you lots and be good and happy!!!
Love, Ness

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