Saturday, June 7, 2014

"It was the load"

Hey Fam. what's new? Well. The email today won't be too long, because to be honest this week was kinda hard! I don't have any crazy stories, no incredible miracles occurred, it was just a rough week in the life of a missionary. Had exchanges with Hermana McGlothin, and then Hermana Larsen. two great hermanas. We are teaching an atheist, and that's fun, and then last they were filming a movie right by our house Friday night, and they crashed a bus on the corner of our street. So I guess that was pretty cool.
But something I have learned a lot this week, is about trials. Why we have them, and how amazing they are to us. Really trials our a vital part of our mortal journey. God gives us trials and burdens to help us learn how to depend upon the atonement. I love the talk by Elder Bednar from this conference "Bear Up Their Burdens with Ease". I invite you all to read it. he says "We are not and never need be alone. We can press forward in our daily lives with heavenly help. Through the Savior’s Atonement we can receive capacity and 'strength beyond [our] own.'" One thing I have been learning is that we can receive so much strength through the atonement of Jesus Christ. We don't need to carry our load alone. The savior is our constant companion, and he has done everything possible to help us live with heavenly father again. I am so grateful for trials. I am so grateful for my savior. I know this gospel is true, and I love my calling as a missionary.
Thanks for all your love and support. I love you with all my heart!

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